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Construction Materials Factory of Soroca
Fabrica de Materiale de Construcţii din Soroca
  • Fabrica de Beton din or. Bălți
  • Cariera de nisip-prundiş “Vasâlcău”
  • Cariera de nisip-prundiş "Slobozia – Cremene"

Construction Materials Factory of Soroca

The Soroca Construction Materials Factory was founded in 1990 with the sites Rezina and Edinet, based on the natural stone deposit in Egoreni, the gravel and sand deposits located in Cremene village and Slobozia – Cremene extraction site. In 1994, after privatization, the plant was reorganized under the name “Construction Materials Company” S. A., with three extraction sites: Egoreni (natural stone extraction), Vasalcau and Slobozia-Cremene (gravel and sand extraction).